Intro to Gluten

Sick of Gluten intro, by Nickie

Many people think gluten is making them sick.

In 2002, the New England Journal of Medicine linked 55 chronic diseases to gluten. There are some lists going around attributing over 300 signs, symptoms, disorders and complications caused by Celiac disease.  Celiac disease causes an immune response that damages the small intestines where your body absorbs most of the nutrients found in the food you eat. This 300 long list may not be so farfetched when you consider that those affected may be malnourished.

Gluten is a protein found in (wheat, rye and barley). People tend to react to these grains for three reasons.

  1. About 0.5% of the US population have wheat allergies. Wheat allergy sufferers are sensitive to albumin and globulin, two proteins in wheat but not the gluten protein. They need to avoid wheat but should do fine with rye and barley.
  2. About 1% of the US population have a genetic makeup that leads them to Celiac disease. Celiac disease attacks their small intestines causing many problems including nutritional deficiencies. They need to avoid wheat, rye and barley.
  3. This number is all over the map, some believe/speculate the US population sensitive to gluten but do not have Celiac disease to range from 6% or 7%, 10%, 30% to as much as 50%. Some of the problems with diagnosing Non-Celiac gluten sensitivity is lack of research, sure test method and widespread misunderstanding/speculation.

The treatment for all three is avoiding wheat; also avoiding rye and barley for Celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Gluten free is more than what’s needed for wheat allergies but still reasonable.

If you think you may want to try going gluten free you are in luck because more companies than ever before want to help you but you will have to learn a bit to do it effectively.

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